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Project case studies

Our development has been achieved almost exclusively as a result of our reputation for delivering success. From managing an economic and job-creation programme in Cumbria, which led to the Game Changers programme for Sellafield and our partnership with NNL, our growth has been fuelled by recommendation and reputation.

Game Changers

FIS360 developed and co-delivers the Game Changers Innovation Programme, a point of focus for driving innovation into the nuclear industry.

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FIS360 is helping a leading group of the UK’s robotics and artificial intelligence researchers to inform and align research with industry need.

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Cumbria Crystal

FIS360 has provided project assessment and strategy development to support Cumbria Crystal in bringing to market their novel lead-free lining for full lead crystal.

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With support from FIS360, Typhon Treatment Systems went from an initial product idea to successful sales of their new product.

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The Innovus Programme - FIS360


FIS360 helped to deliver the Innovus Technology Commercialisation Programme, driving investment and job creation in Cumbria.

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Game Changers

Supporting the commercialisation of early stage and transferable technologies and services that offer:

  • Real potential to reduce costs

  • Reduce risk

  • Make operations safer


Identified an opportunity to apply an existing technology in the nuclear industry:

  • Engage with key stakeholders

  • Create valuable opportunities

  • Develop and prove their technology


Continuing support and advice on industry engagement:

  • Effective mechanisms for demonstrations and trials

  • Commercialisation of robotics and AI technologies

  • Nuclear and other relevant industries
Cumbria Crystal

Cumbria Crystal

Supported with the introduction of a novel product technology development for application in the luxury drinks market:

  • Funding application support

  • Intellectual property strategy

  • Engagement with investors
Atlantic Geomatics

Atlantic Geomatics

Provided funding application support to bring mapping and record management technology to a new sector:

  • Secured multiple rounds of funding

  • Business plan development

  • Customer engagement

Veolia Nuclear Solutions (UK)

Transfer of remote handling technology from fusion industry into nuclear decommissioning through the Game Changers innovation programme:

  • Proof-of-concept funding

  • Technology demonstration

  • Engagement with key stakeholders