Rawwater Engineering Company Ltd.

Expanding into new markets

FIS360 has supported Rawwater Engineering Company Ltd to diversify their business through the introduction of their technology into the nuclear industry.

The client

Rawwater Engineering Company Ltd provides materials science and engineering solutions to a global customer base of oil and gas operators and service companies.  Rawwater invented the Bismuth Plug, formed using their Molten Metal Manipulation (M3) technology. The Bismuth Plug is a more effective, less costly, and more environmentally friendly option than cement for sealing onshore and offshore oil and gas wells during decommissioning.  Rawwater’s bespoke M3 (Molten Metal Manipulation) technology can be tailored for a broad range of sealing, encapsulation, and fixing applications in challenging environments.

Rawwater identified an opportunity to apply their technology in the nuclear industry, as a novel system for containment and potential decontamination of radioactive surfaces. FIS360 has supported Rawwater to successfully engage with key stakeholders in this new market, leading to valuable opportunities to develop and prove their technology.

Initial engagement with the nuclear industry

With a strong global network in a range of industry sectors, our FIS360 principal and associates are well-positioned to support businesses in breaking into new markets.  As part of the Game Changers Innovation Programme, delivered by NNL and FIS360 on behalf of Sellafield Ltd, we facilitated discussions between Rawwater and key individuals within Sellafield Ltd and helped Rawwater understand the industry pull for the technology and gave them the confidence that this was a viable commercial opportunity.

Funding success

Rawwater secured Game Changers feasibility and proof-of-concept project funding to assess the feasibility of deploying the M3 technology for sealing cracks in civil engineered structures and metallic pipes and vessels. During the proof-of-concept project, we continued to provide commercialisation support to Rawwater to ensure that the commercial model and technology remained aligned with the customer need.

Rawwater made significant progress on technical development of the M3 system for sealing cracks in civil engineered structures and metallic pipes and vessels, and the system was showcased directly to Sellafield staff in well-received demonstrations. This initial engagement with the nuclear industry opened the door to new applications for Rawwater’s technology, including surface coating and encapsulation, and underwater repairs.

Further opportunities

Following the highly successful introduction of Rawwater’s M3 technology to Sellafield and NNL stakeholders in 2017, our FIS360 team has continued to advise Rawwater as they extend further into the nuclear sector. Rawwater has recently entered into a major deal with Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO), brokered by NNL, to explore the use of their technology in TEPCO’s nuclear power plants in Japan.

We continue to provide industry-specific commercialisation advice to Rawwater in ongoing engagement with Sellafield in relation to potential new applications of their technology.

Beyond the nuclear industry, we have also supported Rawwater in engaging with the Ministry of Defence, with whom they are developing their M3 technology into a portable backpack that would provide instant, emergency metal repairs for use on the front line.   

“Rawwater has a unique and versatile technology proven in the oil and gas industry.  With FIS360’s deep understanding of the needs of the nuclear industry, we were well-positioned to provide the support needed to initiate Rawwater’s engagement with this new market, which has since resulted in further successful deals for Rawwater in the UK and in Japan.” Dr Frank Allison, FIS360 Principal.