Open Nuclear

The innovation platform helping to solve global challenges

The Open Nuclear innovation programme delivered by FIS360 Ltd on behalf of the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) aims to find solutions to NNL’s technical challenges by giving organisations the opportunity to showcase their innovative solutions and gain valuable funding and support for their ideas.

The client

The National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) is a world leader in nuclear innovation and is responsible for providing technical support to the UK’s nuclear sector, helping to solve global challenges in the following four strategic areas:

  • Health & Nuclear Medicine
  • Clean Energy
  • Environmental Restoration
  • Security & Non-Proliferation

Having identified a number of technical challenges, NNL chose FIS360 to support the delivery of Open Nuclear to enable it to engage external organisations and tackle issues through developing new partnerships and leveraging external knowledge and capability. Having successfully delivered the Game Changers Innovation Programme for Sellafield Ltd for over 7 years, FIS360 had the experience and knowledge needed to establish a new route for solving NNL’s challenges.

The innovation platform is an important step in encouraging innovation and partnership, providing an opportunity for organisations to contribute to the nuclear industry’s future success. 

FIS360 delivers

As the delivery partner for Open Nuclear, FIS360 manages and delivers the programme in several stages:

  • Running a challenge sprint with the challenge owners using our tried and tested approach
  • Creating the challenge statement
  • Publishing and marketing the challenge
  • Hosting a webinar
  • Managing the down selection meeting (application assessment stage)
  • Setting up contracts with Open Nuclear/NNL and successful applicants
  • Managing 12-week ‘Discover’ projects


Discover projects allow solution providers to connect with challenge owners to jointly develop effective solutions to the challenge. Once the Discover funding phase is complete, applicants have the opportunity to further develop their solution in partnership with NNL during a subsequent ‘Develop’ phase.

To support these activities, FIS360 have also hosted innovation surgeries, managed speculative funding applications to the programme, and coordinated programme communication.

Measures of success

Following a successful first year of Open Nuclear, our contract with NNL to continue to deliver the programme has been extended for a further 12 months.

Looking to the future

By combining NNL’s nuclear expertise, FIS360’s experience of running highly successful open innovation programmes, and the ideas and skills our broad cross-sector network of applicants contribute, we hope to deliver innovative solutions that will provide benefits to NNL and the wider nuclear industry.

“In the pursuit of solving global challenges in health, clean energy, environmental restoration, and security, Open Nuclear provides a platform for organisations worldwide to showcase their innovative solutions. With a successful first year, marked by the launch of three challenges, we’re looking forward to realising the benefits of the programme in a future where collaboration and innovation forge pathways to a cleaner, safer world.” Dr Jo Tunney, Open Nuclear Programme Manager

Please visit the platform website for more information about Open Nuclear, or get in touch with us here at FIS360 about your own bespoke innovation programme.