Game Changers’ Role in Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus

Read about FIS360’s involvement in the pilot Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus.

Game Changers, co-delivered by FIS360 and the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL), recently announced a pivotal role in the establishment and development of the pilot Advanced Nuclear Skills and Innovation Campus (ANSIC).

The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) announced at the end of July that the new campus will serve as an innovation hub. It will unite industry and academia to collaborate on projects which help develop and commercialise advanced nuclear technologies in support of the long-term target of a zero carbon future.

Working with the National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL) through the Game Changers delivery partnership, FIS360 will support the delivery of the campus, which will be based at NNL’s Preston Laboratory site. As well as bringing together experts from industry and academia, the campus will oversee awards of £1 million into the UK industrial and academic supply chain through a variety of competitive open calls. Technical and operational support will also be provided by NNL in the delivery of successful bids.

Important on-site training and educational opportunities at the campus will ensure the UK has the necessary skills to maintain its position at the forefront of ground-breaking nuclear research and development.

The campus will also help the UK build on its long-standing nuclear expertise and ensure the nation’s nuclear sector has the operational capacity to deliver new technologies.

Via Game Changers, FIS360’s key role in the delivery of the new campus will be in the development and delivery of open calls for innovation, together with specific challenges relating to advanced nuclear technology. Specific challenges could encompass projects that support nuclear use in a range of applications beyond low-carbon energy generation, including the production of hydrogen and isotopes for medicine.

First of the campus open calls for innovation – one for industry and another for academia – will be published by Game Changers in early September. These will be followed swiftly by three specific challenges. Projects should be underway in the autumn with completion due by the end of March 2022.

Game Changers’ credentials that make them ideal partners in the campus development include their far-reaching networks, work with existing Game Changers’ suppliers and with cross-sector collaborators. 

“I am absolutely confident we are ideally placed to publicise the opportunities, raise awareness of the campus and find amazing solutions to these exciting challenges designed to help Britain move closer to achieving net zero carbon targets” said Frank Allison, CEO of FIS360.