Launch of Createc's Fusion business creation programme

Createc has recently launched Fusion, a new business creation programme, developed and delivered by FIS360.

FIS360 is delivering a new innovation programme on behalf of Createc, an advanced technology company headquartered in Cockermouth, Cumbria. Fusion, an exciting new business creation programme for aspiring entrepreneurs, has now launched and is accepting applications.  

Createc’s Fusion seeks to bring together talented individuals with Createc’s cutting edge technologies to develop a group of skilled CEOs and CTOs who will head up a new generation of technology start-up companies. Fusion aims to accelerate and de-risk the adoption of new technologies that will have positive societal impact, drive economic growth, and create new jobs.

Through Fusion, Createc will employ aspiring entrepreneurs for two years, during which time they will explore Createc’s technology and IP portfolio in depth, identify viable commercial opportunities and work together to develop these opportunities into technology start-up businesses.

Fusion will deliver a comprehensive business training and mentoring programme, to help Entrepreneurial CEOs and CTOs on the programme to develop the skills and tools needed to successfully start up a sustainable company. Candidates will also be offered support in securing funding, including introduction to potential investors.

Fusion entrepreneurs will be supported with technical input and business creation know-how from Createc’s Fusion team, which brings together Createc’s Directors with technology commercialisation specialists from FIS360, who have developed and will deliver the programme on behalf of Createc. The Fusion team also includes business leaders from Entrepreneur Business School.

Fusion entrepreneurs will benefit from co-location with Createc’s engineers and researchers in Cumbria or Oxford, with access to specialist laboratory and test facilities. 

“This is an ambitious initiative, and we are excited to have developed the Fusion programme on behalf of Createc. The next two years will be transformational for those selected to join Fusion”  Frank Allison, CEO of FIS360.

Createc is currently seeking candidates to begin the Fusion programme in September 2021 and applications are open for Entrepreneurial CEOs and Entrepreneurial CTOs until June 23rd 2021.

More information about Fusion can be found on the Createc website.