FIS360 welcomes Elizabeth Adams

Get to know Elizabeth Adams, who has recently joined the FIS360 team.

We are very pleased to welcome Dr Elizabeth Adams to the FIS360 team.

Elizabeth joined FIS360 in April as our Business Innovation Coordinator, and her current focus is on delivery of projects and programmes in Robotics and AI, including Game Changers and RAIN Hub. 

At the moment, Elizabeth is organising some inactive demonstrators for technologies which have been through Game Changers, and has just launched a new Game Changers challenge relating to ROV positioning in featureless environments. 

Elizabeth is a Chartered Manager with a PhD in Chemistry, and qualifications in coaching, mentoring, and learning and development.

Before joining FIS360, Elizabeth worked at the University of Glasgow, supporting researchers with their professional and career development, including running workshops for early-career researchers on entrepreneurship and social enterprise. She also helped launch the University’s Lab for Academic Culture, which aims to bring about a change in how research is conducted across the sector, to promote creativity, collaboration and careers.

Elizabeth had this to say about joining FIS360:

“I’m very much enjoying meeting people with a visible passion for their ideas and new technologies, or a vision for how developments in robotics and AI can really have a positive impact on West Cumbria.

I love the scope and scale of the challenges and the opportunity to bring people with diverse perspectives and experiences together to find creative ways to solve problems. After a year of home working, I was pretty excited to start getting out and meeting people – including playing with some robots!”

Outside of work, Elizabeth is a qualified cycling coach and leader, with experience of promoting diversity and inclusion in the outdoors. Elizabeth moved down to Cumbria during lockdown in 2020, and is enjoying the opportunity to have micro-adventures right from her doorstep, uncovering new bits of singletrack on her bike or finding somewhere new to swim. She is also a cycling coach with a local kids’ club.